Fielder in the Field

Fielder10335We offer today a rare view of photographer John Fielder in front of the lens rather than behind it. This photo was taken by Bart Berger, chair of the Denver Mountain Parks Foundation. Bart and John were in the field last fall, collecting photos for the Foundation’s book celebrating the centennial of the Denver Mountain Parks.

This new book, officially launched on Colorado Day, August 1, 2013, includes extensive sections on the history of this park system, along with a guide to the major parks and, of course, scenic photographs by Colorado’s best known outdoor photographer. We appreciated working with John Fielder, who also published the book through his private publishing enterprise. See more of John’s work at

In addition to scenic views, John did a lot of then-and-now documentation of the Mountain Parks. In this photo, he’s holding a historic postcard, to match it to the present scene.

(Note that climbing on rocks is not allowed in Red Rocks Park; this work was done with special permission.)

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