What we do

We believe these parks need help and respect. Buoyed by the encouragement of Mayor Hickenlooper in July 2004, the Denver Mountain Parks Foundation (DMPF), became a reality with its incorporation and establishment as a donor-advised fund under the Denver Foundation on October 26, 2004.

We created this non-profit entity to receive donations of funds, gifts, and bequests from individuals, corporations, and other foundations specifically for Denver Mountain Parks. This is in addition to the City’s existing funding, and is primarily for the purpose of Mountain Parks capital improvements including trails, historic structures, and associated forest, watershed, and open space components.

The DMPF endeavors to increase awareness of Denver’s Mountain Parks; aid in implementing the 2008 Master Plan (and, by extension, previous plans), and enable the 1914 Olmsted plan to be fully realized. Projects will still be prioritized and managed by professional city staff, but DMPF can help fulfill the mission of Denver Parks & Recreation to preserve, protect, and enhance these recreational resources through a public/private partnership while incorporating concerns of the Mayor, Council, and other interested citizens.

This is an opportune time to apply Denver’s tradition of leadership by continuing the legacy we have been given. Thank you in advance for being part of this effort.

For more information, you may contact W. Bart Berger, email wbb AT wbberger DOT com. Your knowledge, interest, and expertise is useful to make this meaningful.