Our Work

Historic Shelters Capital Campaign

We have worked with Denver Parks and Recreation to identify and prioritize fundraising for the most critical historic preservation projects throughout the mountain park system.

As of January 2017, approximately 40% of identified projects have been completed, representing $607,930 of completed work on the way to an estimated $1,515,000 for the full shelter campaign.




In addition to fundraising, the foundation works to leverage strategic investments and partnerships that allow donor contributions to be doubled and tripled by matching contributions and in-kind donation of professional services.

Our campaign has dramatically increased the pace of restoration of historic structures while also bringing renewed departmental resources and staffing to help maintain and restore the 14,000+ acre mountain park system.

Interpretive Signage

Though Genesee Mountain Park features one of the Front Range’s most iconic attractions, it has long suffered without quality signage to educate the public about Denver’s historic bison herds.

The foundation has taken a lead role in advocating for and funding attractive and informative signage in Genesee and throughout the system.


Youth Education and Outreach

Big City Mountaineers: Camping program for underserved 8-13 year olds at Genesee and Katherine Craig Mountain Park



Our first education grant doubles the number of 8-12 year olds from Denver Parks and Recreation La Familia and Central Park rec centers that will get to go camping with Big City Mountaineers (BCM) in 2017.

This overnight program brings youth to the historic CCC camp located at Genesee and Katherine Craig Mountain Park, and serves as an introduction that prepares youth to attend BCM’s core program: week-long backcountry expeditions for 13 to 18 year olds.

Big City Mountaineers partners with youth-serving agencies to reach youth most in need of outdoor adventures and mentoring experiences. Of their students served:

  • 50% are from single parent or guardian-led households;
  • 83% are from families living below the poverty line;
  • 10% have experienced homelessness
  • 14% have experienced violence at school

Denver ZooTeen-intern citizen science project examining bison dung at Genesee 



We are working with the Denver Zoo’s conservation and education departments to pilot education programs linked to Denver Mountain Park’s bison herds at Genesee and Daniels Park.

In April 2017, an education grant from the foundation will help bring 100 middle school students from DPS Lake International School (formerly Lake Middle School) to Genesee Mountain Park for a full day of citizen science and hiking in partnership with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado.

Strategic Plans and Studies


Past projects include:

  • Assisting the production of a new logo for the Mountain Parks system, its first, designed by Michael Schwab in 2009:


Westword: The Denver Mountain Parks System Gets a New Look

  • Funding the production of the first major history of the Denver Mountain Parks system in recognition of its centennial. Our book, with photographs by John Fielder, was published in August 2013 and received the Colorado Book Award in History in 2014.