The mission of the Denver Mountain Parks Foundation is to restore the historical integrity, relevance, quality and appreciation for Denver’s Mountain Parks system; to advocate for it and ensure its future as a recreational, educational and open space resource for the City of Denver: its citizens, neighbors and visitors.

The Foundation was formed in 2004, and since then has been actively engaged in encouraging and assisting projects in and about the Denver Mountain Parks.

We continue to be an active and growing organization as our first 15 years of advocacy comes to fruition.

As we plan for the future, we are developing a greater public presence through expanded fundraising, partnerships, educational programs, and events.

P.O Box 201652
Denver, CO 80220


info (at) dmpf (dot) net


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Board of Directors:

Liz Adams
W. Bart Berger
Bill Carle
Joe Davidson
Tanner Fanello
Kate Fritz – Chairman
Fabby Hillyard
Karen Lindsay
Mike McPhee
Kathryn Ryan
Tim Ryan
Elizabeth Schlosser
Brian Tooley
Erika Walker