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It’s not news that Colorado is one of the most visually stunning states, or that our remarkable state offers a diverse range of activities, satisfying drive-by tourists and hardcore outdoors enthusiasts alike. What might be news is just how much of that is available within a short drive of downtown Denver in the Denver Mountain Parks. 

Dedisse Park

Dedisse Park is home not only to Evergreen Lake but also to Colorado’s first mountain golf course.

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Echo Lake Park

Echo Lake Park, at 10,600 feet above sea level, is a gem in the Denver Mountain Park System and a must see destination.

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Little and Starbuck Parks

Together comprising 400 acres, Little and Starbuck Parks offer quiet opportunities for picnics, hiking and seeing historic shelters.

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Red Rocks Park

Beautiful red rock, amazing trails, a great museum...and a world class venue for live music.

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Winter Park Resort

Winter Park is Colorado’s oldest continually operated ski resort, and since 1940 has provided visitors and residents with winter and summer sports opportunities. It is located at the base of the Continental Divide in the Fraser Valley.

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