Echo Lake Park

Echo Lake sits at 10,600 feet in the valley at the base of Goliath Peak. It offers excellent fishing. The Municipal Lodge at Echo Lake, a log structure completed in 1927, sits at the lake’s eastern shore. While designed originally for overnight guests, the Lodge now offers a restaurant and gift shop. Also located in the park are two stone structures, a shelter and concession stand both constructed in 1924. The surrounding park has spruce-fir forest and wetlands, both providing excellent habitat and wildlife viewing opportunities.


Echo Lake Lodge. (open seasonally May – September), 303-567-2138. For the most current road information, visit

Fun Things to Do

Hiking: A short (approximately .6 miles), accessible hiking trail loops around Echo Lake and connects to the lodge and its parking lot. Trails from the parking lot and back side of the lake lead to backcountry access into the Chicago Lakes area with a route up Mount Blue Sky. The lake trail is easy, but consider the high altitude and quickly changing weather conditions when planning your hike.

Biking: Cyclists enjoy Mount Blue Sky Road and come from all over the world to compete in the annual Mount Blue Sky Hill Climb, a 27.4 mile bicycle race with a total of 6,915 vertical feet of climbing.


  • Majestic views of the lake, lodge, and Mount Blue Sky
  • At 10,600 feet, the only mountain park within the subalpine zone
  • Echo Lake Lodge, open seasonally May – September
  • Natural 24-acre lake formed by glacial lateral moraine
  • Forests of subalpine fir, limber pine, bristlecone pine
  • Portions of the wetland may be a 10,000 year old fen

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