Corwina, O’Fallon, and Pence Parks

Corwina, O’Fallon, and Pence Parks share boundaries and embody the quintessential characteristics of the Denver Mountain Parks System: backcountry forests, challenging trails, flowing water and shaded picnic sites. Corwina and O’Fallon parks center directly on Bear Creek. They each have beautiful stone structures and wonderful picnic sites. Pence Park has a picnic site, hiking trail and Denver’s first sled run. Together the parks comprise 1,478 acres of contiguous open space. The majority of the acreage is open space that protects and sustains natural resources.

Park Facts

Corwina: 298 Acres, Jefferson County
Acquired 1916

O’Fallon: 860 Acres, Jefferson County
Acquired 1938

Pence: 320 Acres, Jefferson County
Acquired 1914

Park Attractions

Fun Things to Do

Hiking: Corwina Park boasts the 1.4 mile panorama Point Trail. In O’Fallon Park, hikers find the Picnic Loop Trail (1 mile), Meadow View Loop Trail (1.8 miles) and West Ridge Loop Trail (1.9 miles). The hiker-only trails in O’Fallon and Corwina parks connect with the multi-use Bear Creek Trail. The Bear Creek Trail also connects Corwina and O’Fallon through Lair o’the Bear Park to Pence Park. The parks are located approximately 24 miles west of Denver on CO 74 in Bear Creek Canyon.

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