Daniels Park

Daniels Park is home to the second of Denver’s two bison herds. It also offers one of the most expansive vistas in Colorado, stretching from Pikes Peak to the Snowy Range in Wyoming. The only Denver Mountain Park located in Douglas County, Daniels Park is also the only park in a High Plains environment. While the majority of the land in the park is devoted to the bison preserve, the park also has many historic sites from the land’s early days as a ranch. The Park is home to the Tall Bull Memorial Grounds, which is an area reserved for Native Americans who use the site for ceremonies and activities as well as the Kit Carson Memorial marking the site of Carson’s last known campfire. Daniels is part of a larger regional open-space system protecting the rimrock landscape in the area. There are several picnic areas and overlooks for visitors to enjoy as well as a stone shelter constructed in 1922.

Fun Things to Do

Hiking: Short paths link picnic sites near the shelter house on Daniels Park Road.

Biking: Biking is permitted along Daniels Park Road.


  • Hundred mile panoramic view
  • Bison Preserve
  • Stone shelter designed by architect J.J.B. Benedict
  • Daniels Park Road, a historic Territorial road
  • Historic Florence Martin Ranch buildings, a designated Denver Landmark Historic District (closed to public)
  • Tall Bull Memorial Grounds, an American Indian site (open to public for special events only)
  • Kit Carson Memorial

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