Denver Zoo Conservation Internship

Dec 1, 2023Projects

We are committed to creating opportunities for Education, Conservation and Preservation in the Denver Mountain Parks.

In 2023 we began a two-year collaboration with the Denver Zoo to fund a college-level internship for work on Zoo science projects at Summit Lake and Daniels Park.

Over the course of two years, the Foundation will provide $30,000 to fund the salary of an intern from the Community College of Denver to work alongside scientists at the Denver Zoo in various Denver Mountain Parks performing studies to include:

  • The effects of mountain lion urine on big horn sheep
  • Mountain goat presence in public areas at Summit Lake on Mt Blue Sky
  • How herbicide and bio-controls mitigate invasive plants in Daniels Park and plant responses to protection from bison and smalls animal areas.

A Note from Our Current Intern

I was hired as the Community College of Denver intern with the Denver Mountain Parks Foundation, and the Denver Zoo in January 2023. Thus far, my experience in the position has been nothing but positive, enriching, and overall instructional towards my future career and academic development, be it working on wildlife camera photo identification or being out in the field doing work at Daniel’s and Genesee Parks. The first handful of months have shown me the pleasures of hard work in the field and have taught me skillsets for field work and office work that I have not had the opportunity to learn yet in my academics. This position has confirmed my passion for my career resides in conservation biology work.


My continued goals in this position include, being able to hone the skill sets that I am already being introduced to, to pursue as many learning opportunities as possible through this internship, and to really push myself beyond my normal comforts to grow as an individual, a scientist, a student, and an intern. As someone who is normally a bit more reserved this position has already been a tremendous help in developing a STEM and conservation driven community for myself, and to be able to meet some truly remarkable individuals in the field. My hope is that a large takeaway from this experience is further growth in this regard, and to be able to communicate the processes of conservation science fluidly and with adequate knowledge stemming from hands on experience, and to grow my overall confidence in myself as I continue to pursue science-based opportunities, and a future academic and field career. As well as having a positive takeaway to be able to encourage others to apply for similar positions based off my own experience.


I just want to extend another large thank you to everyone who has made this opportunity possible for me. At my academic level, I didn’t think opportunities such as this would be presented until I was attending a larger four-year university, and it has been  positively delightful and invigorating to be a part of. I am truly grateful to be able to be a part of this year’s conservation research work. I am looking forward to this summer as the position develops into full time and for all the outdoor experiences and people to meet yet to come!


–Megan May (she/her/hers)

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