Transportation Micro-Grant Program

Dec 15, 2023Projects

The Denver Mountain Parks Foundation recognizes that equity of access is vital. For many citizens of Denver, the greatest barrier to visiting the Denver Mountain Parks is affordable, available transportation.

The Denver Mountain Parks Foundation is addressing this equity gap through its Transportation Micro-Grant Program. In 2024, the Foundation will deploy $10,000 in micro-grants of up to $2,000 each to qualifying Denver community non-profits and schools to increase equity in access and opportunity by facilitating private transportation to and from the Denver Mountain Parks.


Program Overview

We seek to fund projects that promote transportation to and from, and engagement within, the Denver Mountain Parks. We encourage qualifying organizations to think creatively about their community’s needs to create a project that makes it inclusive, easier and/or more fun to be active in your Denver Mountain Parks.



The 2024 Grant Application is LIVE!  Click HERE


Who is Eligible to Apply

Any Denver based community non-profit or school working to increase equity, diversity, justice and inclusion with a desire to include the Denver Mountain Parks in its locations for programming is eligible to apply for the Micro-Grant.


Project Requirements

  • Applying organization or school must be located within the City of Denver.
  • Project must take place within the Denver Mountain Parks.
  • Project must be completed within the 2024 calendar year.
  • Preference will be given to projects that serve a high-need community or vulnerable populations.
  • Post-project evaluations must be completed by December 15, 2023.


We Cannot Fund

  • Projects that serve residents outside of the City of Denver
  • Projects that take place in locations outside the Denver Mountain Parks.
  • Personal hygiene, cleaning supplies, or single-use items (including masks, hand sanitizer, disposable gloves) as the primary part of the project.
  • Any project that would go against or lead to individuals failing to adhere to current public health guidelines or current local/state/federal laws.
  • Projects that would install any unpermitted furniture or infrastructure that would impede local traffic in the Right-of-Way.


Example Projects (what funds could cover):

  • Walking or hiking in the Denver Mountain Parks (transportation, snacks, rental equipment)
  • Visit the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave (transportation and tickets to museum)
  • Denver Mountain Parks Clean-up (transportation, safety gear, trash bags, supplies)
  • Biking in the Denver Mountain Parks (transportation, rental of bikes and safety gear)
  • Fishing in the Denver Mountain Parks (transportation, fishing licenses, rental of fishing equipment)
  • Programming of organization’s design (transportation, nature education, outdoor activities)


No Internet Access?

We’re here to help! Call (720)-893-3556 and leave a voicemail message with your name and a call back number. We will set up time for a comprehensive phone call or to meet you at a Denver Public Library branch or Denver Recreation Center to go through your grant application together.


Additional Information and Support

Our team is eager to help you be successful in creating and delivering an amazing project in your community. If you have questions, want to workshop ideas, need connections to partners, or help with your budgets and timelines, we are here to help! Every applicant is assigned a grant officer to help them with their application and/or project. Reach out to us at or by calling (720)-893-3556.

Download our program overview here.