Kate Fritz: Board transition letter

Apr 29, 2019Board of Directors

Kate Fritz stands third from left with her two sons in the foreground.

March 1, 2019

Hello Denver Mountain Parks Supporters,

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Denver Mountain Parks Foundation mission to restore the historical integrity, relevance, quality, and appreciation for Denver’s Mountain Parks system. Without your dedication to our cause, the Foundation would not enjoy its current success.

Fifteen years ago Bart Berger and Fabby Hillyard joined forces to ensure that Denver’s disregarded Mountain Parks did not remain an afterthought in the civic and cultural life of Denver. Since then Bart has tirelessly led the Foundation Board, and his work has ensured that the Denver Mountain Parks have not remained the neglected asset they once were. Historic shelters have been restored. Investments have been made in creating infrastructure for visitors. Mountain Parks staff has been increased, and significantly greater funding from Denver Parks and Recreation has been allocated.

Today the Foundation enjoys a landscape entirely different than it was 15 years ago. The Mountain Parks enjoy a place in the civic and recreational life of Denver that they have not had since their early years. While the Mountain Park system still has challenges they are not nearly as daunting as they once were. This reality has given Bart the opportunity to move into a new role with the Foundation Board. Effective January 2019 Bart has stepped down as Chair. He will remain on the Board as a member, and will continue working to fulfill the Foundation’s mission, but will no longer be responsible for daily operations.

It is my great honor to have been elected by the Foundation Board to succeed Bart as Chair. I grew up visiting the Denver’s Mountain Parks, and my family and I now have a tradition of hiking in one on New Year’s Day. My goal is lead the Foundation into its next phase while honoring the work of Bart and the current and past Board members. The Foundation will continue to support Denver’s Mountain Parks through targeted efforts focused on engagement, advocacy and infrastructure. We will strive tirelessly to build on the successes the Foundation has enjoyed and create new relationships and opportunities to ensure the future sustainability and legacy of Denver’s Mountain Parks.

Please join us in continuing our great work. We are excited about the future of Denver’s Mountain Parks and the Denver Mountain Parks Foundation. We look forward to engaging with you soon and hope to see you in one of the Mountain Parks even sooner.

Kate Fritz
Board Chair
Denver Mountain Parks Foundation

“OUR MISSION: To restore the historical integrity, relevance, quality and appreciation for the Denver Mountain Parks system; to advocate for and ensure its future as a recreational, educational and open space resource for the City of Denver, its citizens, neighbors, children and visitors.”