Press Release: Restoration of iconic structures in Denver Mountain Parks

Apr 22, 2018Historic Structures

Click here for the full press release: “Restoration of iconic structures in Denver Mountain Parks” (pdf)

Denver Mountain Parks Foundation and HistoriCorps jointly announced this week a summer season of restoration projects throughout Denver Mountain Parks including restoration of the Little Park Wellhouse, the O’Fallon Chimney and Memorial, and the wellhouses in Bergen and Fillius Parks.

These projects will be completed by HistoriCorps volunteers under the guidance of professional project supervisors and crew leaders.

Work began on the Little Park Wellhouse project April 17 and will finish on May 6. The O’Fallon Chimney project runs four weeks beginning May 29, and Bergen and Fillius Wellhouses are scheduled for three weeks beginning July 11.

Volunteers commit to a week of work. Meals and camping accommodations are provided. Volunteer spots are still available in June and July.

More information on the projects is at