Guess our header images

Aug 17, 2013Parks

Here’s a little quiz to help sharpen your park know-how. Can you identify the parks shown in our header images? We have five rotating headers.

cropped-danviewwbb0141.jpgJohn Fielder taking a photo of the view from _______ Park. Most of the land for this park (our second largest) was acquired in 1937.

cropped-sunrisewbb0068.jpgSunrise from ________ Park. This is our largest park.

barnview2wbb0138.jpgHistoric barn at _________ Park. What else do you see in this photo? (Click to enlarge before you guess.) ______________

WBBreflectionMountain Parks make up most of the background in this view across ___________ Lake. What is the name of the park this lake is in? _________ Park.

wbbgenesee1.jpgThis winter view of the mountains can be seen from __________ Park. Purchase of this land saved the forest from logging.

Please write your answers in the comments. We’ll give you correct answers next week.

All photos are copyright by W. B. Berger. Thanks!